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NQF (Child Care Assessment and Quality Rating)

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The National Quality Framework

Assessment of services

All services approved under the Education and Care Services National Law are assessed and rated by their state or territory regulatory authority.

Services are assessed against the 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS) and given an overall rating based on these results.

The ratings are:

  • Excellent rating, awarded by ACECQA
  • Exceeding National Quality Standard
  • Meeting National Quality Standard
  • Working Towards National Quality Standard
  • Significant Improvement Required

Horsley Kids has their exceeding national standards certificate at the front door and on the parents communication board in the front foyer.


Our Past and Current Accreditation Results

Over the last 13 years that Horsley Kids has been in operation for we have been accredited three times- all with high quality rating and now with exceeding rating

The quality ratings are published on the national registers and the Starting Blocks and MyChild websites.

There are 58 elements in total. (See more details at: http://www.acecqa.gov.au/national-quality-framework/the-national-quality-standard)

Not only did Horsley Kids exceed all 7 quality areas, the centre also exceeded ALL of its 18 standards and 58 elements. That result is only shared by a minority of child care services in the country. Yes, you may see other services advertising that they are Exceeding standards, but a child care service only needs to exceed in 4 quality areas in order to achieve an overall result of Exceeding. Few child care services exceeded ALL of its 58 elements, 18 Standards of the 7 quality areas such as Horsley Kids.

When you visit a child care service, it is expected that the service has posted up on the main entrance its NQS quality profile. If the service, you are interested in does not have the quality rating up on display you should ask to see it before making your decision whether the child care centre is right for your child.




What other parents say about us..

My son has been there from 6 months of age and after 4.5 years, this is his final week at pre-school. My wife and I have not stopped singing the praises of Horsley Kids during the entire time as it has been a fruitful and an amazing journey!

Daniel Isaac

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Director Phoebe interviewed by 'The Australian'

Horsley Kids Director, Phoebe Speranza was interviewed by "The Australian" Newspaper.

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Horsley Kids as Exceeding National Quality Standards

ACECQA awards Horsley Kids as Exceeding National Quality Standards. To achieve this result Horsley Kids Exceeded all 7 Quality Areas and its 18 Standards

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