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Welcome to Horsley Kids…

Welcome to Horsley Kids Early Childhood Centre. We are a privately-run long day care centre purposely built to cater for 68 children who are aged between 6 weeks and 5 years. We are situated in the civic area of Horsley Park. Horsley Kids first opened its doors back in 2005 and has been providing high quality and an exceeding rating in delivering the best quality of childcare in Horsley Park and the Fairfield community for over 15 years

We have recently re located to our new premises which is situated on The Horsley Drive and the corner of Felton Street, Horsley Park. This purposely build state of the art premises reflects the home like feel with warmth and a clam ambiance. The new centre offers light filled classrooms, resource rich and age appropriate learning environments in all four classrooms. Surveillance and security cameras, intercom- system, smartboards in all classrooms, industrial commercial kitchen and dining area for the children, visible playground with natural materials, natural turf, flowering plants and trees and water features just to name a few.

Horsley Kids has a wonderful group of educators who all build genuine and respectful relationships with families and the children they care for. Families and their children can experience continuity of education and care through familiarity with educators, who enjoy longevity of employment at Horsley Kids


Childcare Package for Families

From 2 July 2018, Australia will have a new child care package. Under the new package, the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will replace the existing Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. CCS will be the main way the Government assists families with their child care fees.  Please follow the links below for more information and to see how these changes may affect you.


Childcare links- regulatory authorities:

Children’s Health and Safety Resources for Families

Family and Community Support Services

Professional Guiding Documents and Resources

Non-English-Speaking Resources for Families


Horsley Kids is the only childcare centre within Fairfield Council area to have their own stingless bee Hive…why? 










Apart of the centres sustainability program and dedication to looking after our world and environment, back in 2013 management and educators decided to get a Hive of Native Stingless Bees.

The bees have been used at Horsley Kids to assist with pollination of our gardens “ both our vegetable plot and our Australian Native Garden”.

The Bees continue to encourage the children to learn about life cycles of insects and have given them an up-close encounter with the role these insects have within their own natural backyard. As they are stingless bees there will be no risk to children with allergic reactions as there is no stinger to cause such a reaction.

The Stingless bees have also assisted the educators and children at Horsley Kids to understand more about Aboriginal customs and cultures as the honey produced from these insects is considered to be “bush tucker, therefore this has opened up the possibility of exploring bush tucker as a project as we will have direct access at the centre.

Here is some more back ground information on Stingless Bees which was sourced from www.sugarbag.net and www.aussiebee.com.au

Horsley Kids in 2016 split their bee hive and donated the new hive of stingless bees to the local Catholic School in Horsley Park, to continue the need to have bees in the community and to further contribute to the environment and sustainable practices embedded at the centre.

What other parents say about us..

You have an amazing centre and a team who works hard at maintaining quality and you can clearly see that they all strive towards the common goal of providing all children with exceptional care and education.


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Some News from Horsley Kids...

Director Phoebe interviewed by 'The Australian'

Horsley Kids Director, Phoebe Speranza was interviewed by "The Australian" Newspaper.

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Horsley Kids as Exceeding National Quality Standards

ACECQA awards Horsley Kids as Exceeding National Quality Standards. To achieve this result Horsley Kids Exceeded in 2018.

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