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I use to drive past Horsley Kids whilst it was still under construction on my way to work and would always say "When I have kids this is where they will go." True to my word, my son Lucas has been attending the centre since Jan 09, he was 2.5yrs old. Thinking this was too young, I conversed with Phoebe (Director) and she made me see the benefits of sending him at this age. It was the best decision I have made in my life. It was the only pre-school I looked at. I have seen him grow and change and adapt to playing well with other children as well as listening to the teachers and following directions. Our experience has been wonderful & positive from the beginning. I believe Horsley Kids provides a warm and nurturing environment whilst still preparing my son for the structure of kindergarten. Horsley Kids is a stepping stone into the real world. I love Lucas' folder that tells me what he has eaten throughout the day, whether he has slept or just rested. Both are monitored so well. It's nice not to have to worry about your child all day. A huge credit to the teachers for providing the parents with so much information about what goes on during the day. Each day I always look forward to reading the BIG BOOK to see what they all got up to during the day and it comes with random pictures of the children during the day participating in activities. Another great thing about Horsley Kids is they have parent/teacher night where we got a chance to speak to one of Lucas' teachers and ask questions and look thorough his portfolio. Horsley Kids is a wonderful foundation for my son.

Diana Lotorto and family

It is wonderful to feel secure when dropping off my children to Horsley Kids Early Childhood Centre. The staff are very attentive to the children, having an intimate knowledge of each child because of the high level of interaction that the children enjoy so much. The children are involved in many activities and games that allow them to learn at their own pace, whilst enjoying themselves to develop socially and physically as well. My kids are always enthusiastic when they know it is a Horsley Kids day!

Murtough- Coombes Family

Such a well organized and structured childcare centre. I have a number of mothers who have children in child care centre's & by far Horsley Kids excel above all. Seeing my kids hugging the staff & directors as they leave for the day tells me that at Horsley Kids they are very happy = a happy mummy!

Johnny and Kerri Connolly

Both of our kids have attended Horsley Kids. We have been thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the facilities, learning experiences and level of care that has been provided by the centre. We cannot fault the centre and we would have no hesitation in recommending Horsley Kids.

Andrew & Tania Poles

Each day my children attend Horsley Kids, is another day where as a parent I am fascinated in their development and progress both educationally and socially. Horsley Kids has provided a safe, nurturing and above all stimulating environment for my children to grow and develop skills and experience friendships.

Anita Tadic

Horsley Kids has become part of our extended family. My husband and I have every confidence in the staff who look after our son, whilst he enjoys the safe and educational surroundings.

Nicole Azzopardi

As new parents to child care we are very happy. From day 1, the staff have been so welcoming - they are like a second family for our 1 year old. The food is great - It is all cooked on site and they never give him anything without checking with us first. The teachers are so informative and let us know everything. I really enjoy coming and seeing the pictures that they have taken throughout the day so can see and read what he has been up to. When he is at Horsley kids we have no worries and Know he is well looked after. We are so looking forward to spending the next five years at Horsley Kids.


Giansante Family

Horsley Kids provides a warm and nurturing environment. The interaction between the carers and children is amazing. The daily activities are diverse and flexible enough to suit the children’s ever changing interests.


Amanda Pilarowski

What a wonderful experience our first year at Horsley Kids has been, not only for Blake, but for our whole family. The warm, friendly, fun, safe environment offered at Horsley Kids has helped our son feel at home. I'm happy to be sending my youngest son next year and know I can leave both my son's feeling at ease. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Horsley Kids to anyone. Thank you to all the staff at Horsley Kids for making our experience wonderful and stress free. Looking forward to the next couple of years ahead.

Lee-Anne Frankham

I would highly recommend the centre to any prospective parents considering putting their children in childcare. I have one son still attending the centre, and I'll truly miss the day when he no longer attends. The physicality's of the centre are wonderfully, the kids are spoilt with room to run around, unlike other centres that are converted homes. The curriculum is wonderful and varied, and the basics they need in kindergarten are easily achieved. The management and staff couldn't be any more caring yet professional at the same time. My family won't consider moving suburbs until our youngest has reached school age, that is how much we think of Horsley Kids.

Chris and Karen Adams

Horsley Kid's has provided a great foundation for our daughter who has benefited from the educational programs provided through the school, but also the social skills learned through day to day interaction with other children. The school provides an environment which is safe for our children while still being fun. We had no hesitation in sending our son to Horsley Kids this year.

Darren Young

Safe, secure, friendly, hygienic and trustworthy are only a few words to best describe Horsley Kids. The development of my daughter Charlize is mostly credited to her teachers over the 4 years of attending the school and gives me a positive outlook of her future. Her education doesn’t start next year in kindergarten, but had already begun when she first started at 12 months old in the Nido room

Marie Monzon

I have been impressed with professionalism and attention to detail that the Staff and Management at Horsley Kids Child Care provide. My son attended the service for 3 years now and it was always the highlight of his week. We are so happy that our Daughter is now attending the centre. My wife and I are especially satisfied with the teaching and caring staff, the dietary program provided and the range of activities the kids experience. Phoebe, Maurice and all the Horsley Kids Staff are to be commended.


Joseph Panetta

Horsley Kids has been my daughters second home since she was 5 months old. They make it a priority to oversee the children’s total well-being, which for me was a very important aspect when I was choosing a Childcare Centre for Kaitlin. I particularly like the fact that they have a Dietician planned menu, as her nutritional needs are of the utmost importance to me. Any expectations that you may have regarding Childcare Centres will be entirely surpassed with Horsley Kids!

Monica Calderwood

I enrolled my eldest son as soon as I saw the sign for Horsley Kids, before it was even built and have been a family of the centre since it was opened. Since then I have two more children attend the centre. Their service and professionalism has far exceeded my expectations. They have a positive approach to the childrens education and individual needs and I am often amazed at what my children have learnt at the centre. As a parent it is not an easy decision to leave your child in the care of others, but from the start the Management and staff of Horsley Kids have been very supportive and understanding, especially when I started my youngest child at 4 months old. It gives me great confidence to know that my children are well looked after and the fact that my children love going to school makes it that much easier, in fact, they get upset when it is not their day to attend! I have recommended Horsley Kids to all my family and friends. Thankyou Phoebe and staff for providing such a wonderful centre for our children.

Teresa Eddy

Hi Phoebe,
Just a couple of things I wanted to say:- I wanted to let you know that Nancy (Miss fussy eater) commented that she had lasagna today and was very excited – she said it was better than her nanas and she also loved the lettuce and cucumber cut up in round pieces. She also has close friends in the Ragattzi room and never complains about anything – its obvious that the children are stimulated and have great teachers. The centre is always really clean and everything is so organized! I just thought you would appreciate the feedback – it’s also refreshing coming to the centre and seeing the smiling faces of your staff – Ms Sarah early in the morning then Ms Pretti and Ms Amanda / Ms Angela and even Ms Widad who speaks Assyrian to Nathan. Keep up the good work – it’s a huge responsibility looking after little kids and I’m really happy with everything and will be a little sad when Nancy moves on to kindy next year! LOL!!

Rene Forshaw

A big thank you to you Phoebe. Your dedication to your work, the children and staff is what keeps us coming back. I couldn't be happier sending my boys there knowing that they will be taken care of to such a high standard. I truly appreciate all that you do, I know you have an enormous job- but you can feel confident knowing you run a wonderful, welcoming and professional centre.

My sincerest regards over this special time, may you enjoy your time with the family, rejuvenate and rest up well over the holidays.

See you in 2013.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Dear Phoebe and Regazzi Teachers,

Thank you for organising such a fabulous party for the Regazzi children on wednesday. Sophia and I had a wonderful time. I was very impressed with what was on offer at the party, especially the reptile show, and was disappointed that I couldn't stay for the duration of the festivities.

I know Sophia will miss all her carers dearly. On behalf of my husband, Darren, and myself, I'd like to thank all the people at Horsley Kids for their hard work and dedication. I have been overwhelmed by how much effort goes into, not only caring for Sophia while she is at daycare, but for all the things that they have taught her in the years that she has attended.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.

Kind regards,

Nicole Santucci

Hey Phoebe,

Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou to you and the staff of Horsley Kids with helping Izaak learn and develope over the last 2 years. Izaak really loved his time at Horsley Kids though is looking forward to school next year.

Well have a great Chrissy and New Year and we will be back some time next year to enrol Porsha.

Take care and Thanks again

Karen & Warren

To the amazing staff at Horsley Kids Preschool,

Both my husband and I would like to show our appreciation to all the staff at Horsley Kids, especially to the amazing women in the Bambini room. Although there are many people that love our child, the care and affection that you bring to our daughter is beyond words.

Thank you Miss Preeti, Miss Renee (or as Chloe says, Nay Nay) and Miss Widad (Idad) for always smiling and offering a hug when Chloe walks in the door. You make her feel welcomed, loved and safe, because you do this, Chloe eagerly looks forward to putting on her yellow school shirt even when she doesn’t have school and sees the shirt, she wants to put it on and constantly tries my patience with saying “we go to school mama”.

Thank you for providing a safe, contained place for my child to learn and have fun, Chloe’s vocabulary has significantly improved and she has gained a lot of confidence in the short 3 months she has been there for two days a week.

It only feels like yesterday that we got the referral to take our precious princess to Horsley Kids, I was hesitant to leave my little girl with anyone, but I trust each one of the staff there. We live in Chipping Norton, the round trip takes my son (7 months old) and I over two hours a day, but I would drive twice the amount of time to have such a high level of educators and caring staff to look after my child.

Thank you, a thousand times, thank you!


Bianca and Nicholas Langley


I just wanted to congratulate you and your wonderful team on the results of the accreditation! You have an amazing centre and a team who works hard at maintaining quality and you can clearly see that they all strive towards the common goal of providing all children with exceptional care and education.

I especially appreciate the great work the ladies do in Christian's room. They are nurturing, patient, and Christian has an amazing time each day. Even the ladies in the early morning are so patient and caring with my son that I know he would be happy in what ever room.

Again great work on the results, I have heard it is hard to get exceeding in all areas, but I have to say I'm not surprised Horsley Kids did so well :).

Thanking you for all your hard work,


Dear Phoebe,

Unfortunately due to moving well away from the area, we are having to cancel our positions at Horsley Kids.

I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your staff for the care, attention and education you have provided to both Riley and Cameron since 2008.

Both my boys have learned and experienced so much from the time they have spent at Horsley Kids, and I am so pleased to have made the decision back in 2008 to send them your centre.

I am sure my boy’s will have many fond memories from Horsley Kids for many years to come.

My appreciation for you and your services over the years cannot be expressed enough and for this I am thankful.

I would also like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope 2014 brings many prosperities and joy to you and your family

Yours kindly

The Ford’s

Dear Phoebe

I'd like to express my gratitude to the staff in the Bambini room and all they do for Mila.

She has settled in so well and always has something to say about school that day and the people within the Bambini room. She tells family how much she loves school.

I would like to acknowledge Miss Sue, and her dedication to making Mila and myself feel at home. She is always very welcoming, as are all staff in the Bambini room. However what is special about Sue, is everyday when I pick Mila up she never fails to let me know how her day went, and if I've raised concerns with her of a morning she is always very thorough in ensuring she follows through on the day and informs me on how Mila progressed during the day.

Miss Renee is another member of your staff that has a duty of care that is comforting to me. And I know if something were to occur throughout Mila's day that Renee would not hesitate to contact me.

Mila cannot speak highly enough of all the teachers in the Bambini room, and every encounter I've had thus far with Sue, Renee, Sarah and Mariam have been wonderful. It's nice to know she has these lovely ladies looking out for her whilst she is under your care.

Andriana and Francesca are two other familiar people we have become accustomed too, and I thank each and every one of them for the care and attention they pay to my daughter.

Just wanted to right a small note, as I've had a particularly hard time with Mila of late, and your staff have been wonderful in assisting with her care on the days I'm at work.

Kindest regards,


Hi Phoebe,

Hope your well and have had a good weekend.

I just wanted to make known how impressed I am with Dani,Miriam & Lily.

These girls have been amazing and there enthusiasm and investment(general attitude) has really put myself and my daugther Stella at ease to say the least. If one or two of these girls are on of a morning at drop off, I know that I can walk out and go to work feeling happy and confident.

Each of them is really passionate in what they do-you can just tell and are very professional.

I really admire and respect how they conduct themselves as they are so busy all the time.

I felt it was important to make you aware of this and that these particular teachers are an asset at your organisation.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you & Kindest Regards,

Michelle Hodges

The Team at Horsley Kids are amazing!

From Phoebe, Director/Licensee, teachers and staff are super friendly and approachable, genuine leaders who really do care about all children.

Their learning experiences at Horsley Park Kids are invaluable. The environment is vibrant and bursting with stimulation. My son always comes home happy and full of stories of what he has done throughout the day.

My son has been there from 6 months of age and after 4.5 years, this is his final week at pre-school. My wife and I have not stopped singing the praises of Horsley Kids during the entire time as it has been a fruitful and an amazing journey!

I have no hesitation in recommending Horsley Kids to any parent.

Daniel Isaac

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You have an amazing centre and a team who works hard at maintaining quality and you can clearly see that they all strive towards the common goal of providing all children with exceptional care and education.


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